Award Winning Commercial Pools

Your company has a project requiring design and construction of a commercial pool with hardscape amenity areas. You need to hire an experienced and reputable pool builder to ensure everything goes smoothly and within budget. Look to LaCour Construction to deliver a stunning pool design built by experts in their trade.

Hotel, Resort & Apartment Complex Pool Construction

LaCour Construction builds pools for commercial properties such as hotels, apartment complexes, and even animal hospitals. They've got you covered whether you want a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, water slides, or pool water features like lazy rivers. Their commercial swimming pools come complete with everything your company will need to open on time and according to laws and coding regulations. In addition, they design beautiful swimming pools to provide long-lasting value and performance backed by their industry-leading warranty.

Your commercial project requires quality work from start to finish, and LaCour Construction knows what it takes to successfully design and build a commercial swimming pool for your business. The team has worked hard to create a stunning product that meets your specific needs throughout the entire process. They only offer their customers top-notch service and supply a wide range of quality products, including pumps, filters, heaters, skimmers, lighting, and more.

Rooftop Pool Construction 

LaCour Construction specializes in designing and building custom pools specifically for rooftop environments. Our experienced team tackles every challenge, from waterproofing to structural support, to create a showstopping pool that adds value and enjoyment to your property. Let LaCour Construction turn your rooftop into an unforgettable oasis.

Experienced Project Management

LaCour Construction are experts at managing construction projects from beginning to end and know the exact steps to take to complete your commercial pool construction project successfully and on time. They also avoid scope creep by doing the job right the first time. LaCour Construction is a commercial pool contractor based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Our team has over ten years of experience as commercial swimming pool contractors. They've completed hundreds of projects from Georgia to Central Florida. Our experts design, build, and hardscape award-winning commercial swimming pools.

Clients who hire LaCour Construction experience extreme value, starting with our 3D Design Software with full animation. Customers have said the process puts them at ease. Customers felt they'd already experienced their new pool due to the design, photos, and videos LaCour Construction produced. Likewise, commercial builders can benefit from our understanding of the construction process as a General Contractor and the seamless integration provided as the pool contractor. As a General Contractor, LaCour is a valuable resource in delivering turn-key amenities that include the pool, which allows customers to focus on the more significant aspects of the multi-family project.

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